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From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: INSTALL-CVS
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 10:52:28 -0700

>>>>> Stefan Monnier writes:

>> > I think we should simply add `man' to the default target and live
>> > with it.  If that means that `makeinfo' is sometimes called when a
>> > user installs Emacs, what's the big deal ?  If the problem is that
>> > the user might not have a working `makeinfo', how about running it
>> > with a leading "-" so that an error from `makeinfo' is ignored by
>> > make ?
>> Ignoring the error in 'man' would cause 'install-man' to fail.

> Why would it ?

Hmmm.  Am I missing something obvious?  Because the 'man' target fails
in generating the Info files (assume none previously existed) with
makeinfo, but the error is ignored, so the build would go on to the
'install-man' target which would try to copy the Info files to where
they should be installed and, thus, fail.

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