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Re: emacs-w3m?

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: emacs-w3m?
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 21:52:45 +0100
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address@hidden Robert J. Chassell) writes:

> No, I did not `bzr add'; I followed the instructions in
> BzrForEmacsDevs and BzrQuickStartForEmacsDevs.  I did start W3m mode
> in my Emacs, but why those files got committed to the master, I don't
> know.

Last time I looked, it wasn't a good idea to mix the instructions of
those documents. Stick to one or another, but not both.

Definitely, those files were added with `bzr add'. You did it
inadvertently. The guides you use have very explicit steps for
describing their respective workflows. Knowing what you exectly did (if
you remember) would be useful, just to consider rewriting the parts that
could be the cause of the confusion.

> David Reitter is right, 
>        The consequences get worse in proportion to the time span between the =
>        faulty commit and the history manipulation.
> What are the `unthinkable' ways of removing unwanted files?

I'm not sure I understand your question. With bzr, you do `bzr uncommit
--revision N'. DON'T EVER DO THAT ON A PUBLIC BRANCH unless you want to
screw other's local mirrors. If you are not completely sure that you are
working on a local branch, don't use `uncommit'. Fortunately, there is a
setting on the FSF bzr repo that will not allow you to uncommit
something from it, but just in case that setting's implementation has
bugs, don't try it.

> What do you do when you make a mistake?

You commit the reverse patch.

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