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Re: emacs-w3m?

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: emacs-w3m?
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 18:11:41 -0500

On Feb 27, 2010, at 12:13 PM, Robert J. Chassell wrote:
>    bzr commit -m"Merge: add word to sentence in 
> trunk/doc/lispintro/emacs-lisp-intro.texi, in section Finding More 
> Information"

The BzrForEmacsDevs page suggests using the "commit -m" syntax in several 
places.  I don't like using this because it doesn't show which files are going 
to be committed.  Using "commit" with an editor for the message encourages 
people to provide the correct log message (one line as summary, then more 
detailed prose), and it allows them to see what is going to be included in the 
change.  Many times (with git) stopped at this point, canceled the commit and 
went back to add another part of the change.  I think it would have prevented 
Bob's 30MB commit, regardless of what led to the "add".

This would be especially important in conjunction with the mirrored branches, 
where a commit pushes automatically (if I understand correctly).

I would suggest to only show people how to use commit with an editor.

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