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Re: org-merger questions

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: org-merger questions
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2017 12:01:50 -0400
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Rasmus <address@hidden> writes:

>> The idea would be to release 9.0.9 from maint just before the merge
>> to merge a clean version.
> I have pushed to scratch/org-mode-merge on Emacs.git.


> I had to do a few whitespace cleanup to be able to commit.  We should
> backport those, I guess.

Hmm, I was hoping I had already caught most of them, but maybe the
issues you encountered were in the few files changed in
scratch/org-mode-merge that I didn't look at.  I only checked
lisp/org/*.el, lisp/doc/misc/org.texi, and etc/refcards/orgcard.tex.

A few problems in scratch/org-mode-merge:

  * scratch/org-mode-merge reverts Emacs-specific changes in
    etc/refcards/orgcard.tex.  This same mistake was made in a previous
    sync and fixed with Emacs's e90dec2be1.  Since then, there have been
    additional Emacs-specific changes added to orgcard.tex, and these
    are all included in Org's emacs-sync branch.

  * I made the mistake of not looking at ORG-NEWS for backports, so
    scratch/org-mode-merge is reverting a few Emacs commits here.  I'll
    backport these, and I can also add your ORG-NEWS formatting changes
    to the Org repo.

  * The copyright years in Org's etc/styles/README have not been kept up
    to date, so scratch/org-mode-merge is overwriting the updated years
    in Emacs's etc/org/README.

And a question:

  * Should we include the "@set DATE ..." when we replace "@include
    org-version.inc" in Emacs's org.texi?  It doesn't seem like we have
    in the past (e.g., in Emacs's 6f66f53f65).


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