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Re: org-merger questions

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: org-merger questions
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2017 14:11:11 -0400

Hi Rasmus,

Kyle Meyer <address@hidden> writes:

> Rasmus <address@hidden> writes:
>> I had to do a few whitespace cleanup to be able to commit.  We should
>> backport those, I guess.
> Hmm, I was hoping I had already caught most of them, but maybe the
> issues you encountered were in the few files changed in
> scratch/org-mode-merge that I didn't look at.  I only checked
> lisp/org/*.el, lisp/doc/misc/org.texi, and etc/refcards/orgcard.tex.

It seems that etc/ORG-NEWS, od-manifest-schema-v1.2-os.rnc, and
od-schema-v1.2-os.rnc all required whitespace cleanups.  These cleanups
are now included in Org's maint (and cherry-picked to the emacs-sync branch).

> A few problems in scratch/org-mode-merge:


>   * I made the mistake of not looking at ORG-NEWS for backports, so
>     scratch/org-mode-merge is reverting a few Emacs commits here.  I'll
>     backport these

I've backported all the changes to ORG-NEWS in maint (and cherry-picked
them to the emacs-sync branch).

Please consider using Org files from the emacs-sync branch instead of
the release_9.0.9 tag.  The emacs-sync branch is a superset of the last
release, but it contains a few more changes that are specific for Emacs.

These are changes that should not be in the maint branch but should be
in the Emacs repo.  In other words, these are the changes that we should
make sure not to overwrite in a sync.  For example, Org org.texi has
"@include org-version.inc", but in the Emacs repo this should be "@set
VERSION 9.0.9" instead.

You can see these changes in the Org repo with

    git diff release_9.0.9..origin/emacs-sync

(This diff also includes the whitespace cleanup and ORG-NEWS backports
that were cherry-picked to emacs-sync because they are in the maint
branch after release_9.0.9 but should be in the 9.0.9 sync.)

> [...] and I can also add your ORG-NEWS formatting changes to the Org repo.

I don't understand the formatting changes made in 5cfdf8dd17 (; Fix
ORG-NEWS formatting in previous commit, 2017-06-22).  Aside from fixing
the alignment of a table that already seems correct in Org's ORG-NEWS,
all the changes seem to be space to tab conversions.  Are these


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