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Re: Tabs

From: Ergus
Subject: Re: Tabs
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 17:46:37 +0200
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On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 05:35:56PM +0200, martin rudalics wrote:
Martin, any ideas how this could contribute to the problem?

I suppose with problem you mean Ergus' "hole in the beginning".  The
only cause for this I can think of is the apply_window_adjustment call
you mentioned earlier.  And maybe some omission in the GTK build due
to the fact that Juri somehow merged the tool bar widget and Emacs
windows concepts.

Ergus, does the "hole" also show up when you disable the tool bar
before doing C-x 6 f?


Hi Martin:

Actually the hole is not the issue anymore. The problem was (before the
latest Eli's change):

1) C-x 6 f file RET does not show any tab-bar/tab.
2) Leaving the desktop and returning made the tab-bar visible, but
2.1) It was not clickable,
2.2) Overlapped text in the first text line.
2.3) The cursor was also there.
2.4) Moving the cursor "erased" the tab exposing the text line under
2.5) Scrolling the text also scrolled part of the tab-bar.

I sent pictures of all these issues since Tuesday.

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