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Re: Proposal: include list of contributors on GNU Emacs website

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Proposal: include list of contributors on GNU Emacs website
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2019 02:39:03 +0530
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* Paul Eggert <address@hidden> [2019-10-29 02:21]:
> On 10/28/19 11:58 AM, Jean Louis wrote:
> > > There is no script. Someone could write a script that would do a
> > > good job of what you're suggesting, and volunteers are welcome to do
> > > so.
> > There is example I gave you.
> That example is just part of the problem; it's not enough to generate the
> web page you asked for. For example, the file that the script generates for
> Emacs (once you modify it to work for Emacs), is improperly encoded because
> some of the names are in UTF-8 and some use a different (non-ASCII)
> encoding.

You mean some other encoding but not the UTF-8? But I could run it in
Emacs and edit the list without problems just as UTF-8. Which name

> There are other glitches like that that would need to be
> addressed. Plus, surely we can do better than a plain text file
> listing one name per line.
> Furthermore, having just that script is not enough; there needs to be an
> automated way to generate the updated website. It's not a hard job to
> automate all this, but it is work that someone would need to do (and more
> importantly, test).

I do not have a clue how Emacs website is maintained.

I know how are my pages maintained, so I have templates and inside of
templates I can even run scripts, or Emacs functions, and such make
the output and it is inserted into the page, and later often
formatted by markdown to HTML.

When static page generator starts generating, script is run and I
don't need to take care of it.

For me that would be matter of few minutes to generate list of
authors, with some "," (commas) in between or similar.

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