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Re: vertical fido-mode

From: Andrew Schwartzmeyer
Subject: Re: vertical fido-mode
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 10:06:01 -0700

Funnily enough:

On Jun 11, 2020, at 9:00 AM, emacs-devel-request@gnu.org wrote:

As an aside, have you tried non-fido icomplete? There is one simple change that makes it infinitely better in my opinion: fido forces a completion-style choice on you, icomplete gives you freedom to choose for yourself! (I shouldn't say so because I'm the author but I love the orderless completion-style: https://github.com/oantolin/orderless.)

I came to emacs-devel a few weeks ago for a way to use orderless in fido, and João kindly showed me:

(add-hook 'icomplete-minibuffer-setup-hook
            (lambda ()
              (setq-local completion-styles '(orderless partial-completion))))

Which makes fido-mode use different completion styles. So it’s not necessarily forced, it’s just not as easy as modifying a defcustom.



P.S. I’m replying from the digest for the first time, hoping the threading isn’t screwed up.

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