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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] fancier and less fancy export

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] fancier and less fancy export
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 23:00:42 +0200

On May 8, 2006, at 18:43, Scott Otterson wrote:

My biggest use of org-mode export is spitting out simple ASCII lists that I paste into emails. Even so, I have picky export enhancement requests:

1.) Add org-export-visible-as-ascii: org-export-copy-visible creates a new org file containing the visible text. The problem for me is that it's still an org-file, with all the leading *'s, linking text and so on. So, I'd like to clean it up by running org-export-as-ascii over the export-visible file but

- this is an extra step
- when I try to do this, I get the error message: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

I will take a look. My guess is that it would be sufficient to turn on org-mode for that new file and save it under a different name before exporting. But yes, this can and should be easier.

2.) Export with simple leading characters instead of section numbers. Maybe there's already a way to do this, but I'd like to see an option for exporting headlines with leading '*' ,'o', '-'' and so on, instead of with long section numbers like For html export, this could be just the standard itemized list characters; for ascii, it could be something similar. This could be done with a customization variable, a prefix, or very long commands like org-export-visible-as-ascii-simple...

This is already there, all you need to do is to change the level at which the exporter switches from headlines to itemized lists. You can do this using the H switch in the #+OPTIONS line, or simply using a prefix argument to the exporter command.

For example

   C-1 M-x org-export-as-html

will only make headlines of level one headlines, and do level two and up as itemize lists.

Nothing stops you from setting this to 0, to get lists only. For example


Also, a general question: There's been discussion of adapting muse-mode so that org-mode can eventually make use of its many export capabilities. At that same time, we've got very interesting xoxo export capability and the nice new code written by David O'Toole. This is great stuff but to a new user, these multiple and somewhat overlapping choices are bound to be confusing. Will all this good code eventually get merged into a unified org-mode exporting system?

The way I see this is the following.

- The Muse maintainer Michael Olsen has talked about making Muse understand org-mode syntax. While some time ago I had been considering to export org-mode files to Muse syntax, this is currently not on my TODO list. It makes more sense to do this on the Muse side, so I will leave this to them.

- David O'Toole has been pushing to make Org-mode more publishing friendly, and I fully support his org-publish.el. This code will become an integral part of org.el soon - but I want to wait until a few people have tested it, and I can only put it into org.el once David has signed the papers with the FSF so that I can install this code into Emaccs. My expectation is that Emacs 22.1 will role without org-publish, but as of 22.2 it will be part of it. I have no idea what will happen to blogging, e-scripts etc, this is beyond my horizon at the moment. And I agree that this has to be carefully sorted out or we will get a mess. I don't want org to become like planner, a beast tweaked for really everything and in the process loosing its consistency. org-publish.el is just an extension of the existing HTML exporter and in this way a very logical step.

- There has been some talk about LaTeX export - I personally don't see this as important and I would probably not use it. The LaTeX environment in Emacs is so excellent that I clearly prefer this to produce my LaTeX files. For my organization files I see little use of printing them through LaTeX.

- Finally there is the XML backend which may be a gateway to more flexible export. I am by no means an expert on this. So I will help when needed, but not implement this myself.

So for the time being I am putting my money on a limited set of exporting code inside org-mode. Hope this clarifies things a bit.

- Carsten

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