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Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"

From: anoncoward
Subject: Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 06:41:00 GMT
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Seeking Twine wrote:

That's the real battle, and don't let them tell you different.

Do not be ridiculous.
It is a simple problem to solve - ask for the license terms...
the fact that the "celebs" don't do that should tell you something.

Ask for the terms of the license Miguel, otherwise stop *your* whining.

You *know* that you are copying something created by others,
you know that they have / are applying for patents, you know that
they have stated that they will protect their IP with lawyers.

You know the deal - apply for the license, why play the psuedo
lawyer when you know damn well that you are copying things
that will be/are covered by not only patents but by trademark and copyright?

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