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Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"

From: asj
Subject: Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"
Date: 23 May 2004 20:18:07 -0700

Jango Johnny <a@hoo.a.hey> wrote in message 
> Lawsuits, in business, are the *crybaby* response.
> And no, they don't work.

well, actually, patent infringement lawsuits probably work pretty well
so long as there is merit. if it did't, companies wouldn't spend so
much time and effort protecting their intellectual property.

> The companies M$ destroyed: Lotus, Netscape, and so on -- were destroyed on
> simple business merit.  M$ offered a better solution, or a more compelling
> reason to use their technology.  These were swift, clean kills, and
> everyone knew why.

well, obviously, you don't know why...netscape was dead the moment
microsoft bundled a free IE with's as simple as
that....long time back, i asked my isp why they gave ie with their cd
and not netscape (you had to pay extra for them to give it to
you)...simple answer was ie was free, netscape was trying to charge
for their product (which was their main source of revenue). NO ONE is
going to pay $50 for a browser when the IE icon was in each and every
windows desktop.

and lotus is alive and well as a division in IBM.

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