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Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"

From: asj
Subject: Re: "Why Mono is Currently An Unacceptable Risk"
Date: 23 May 2004 06:45:22 -0700

"Rob S. Pierre" <> wrote in message 
> Second. Mr Nickell's main concern seems to be whether the C# and CLI, and
> the MS patents required for implementatio, are "friendly" toward "Free
> Software", that is to say, GPL. But Mono is licensed under an X-style
> license. Mono doesn't experience this conflict.
> So it's not "the risk of Mono" but instead, "the mismatch of Mono and GPL".
> "
> +
> +
> +
> There is a "licence-problem". The Mono-compiler is GPL.


(1) is that guy really a microsoft employee
(2) is he a lawyer speaking on their behalf
(3) the fact that we're actually reduced to trying to garner tidbits
of innfo on this via discussion group posts means microsoft is
deliberately trying to keep the subject ambiguous...mono indirectly
helps microsoft a lot, and even though those deluded developers think
they're sticking it to microsoft, those chuckles i hear in the
background are actually those of ballmer and bill gates.

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