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Re: GNU licenses

From: Richard Tobin
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 5 Sep 2006 21:06:15 GMT

In article <>,
 <> wrote:
>but I don't understand the rationale
>for MAKING THE LICENSE THAT WAY, why it demands the original
>code become GNU ***and be USELESS for non-GNU projects without
>making them GNU***. It's that last part in asterisks that I hate. The
>distribution of said combined work should have NO BEARING on
>ANY other works that have NO 3rd-party code in them but are based
>on ORIGINAL code from the combined work!

The people who wrote the GNU licence wrote it to further their own
goals, which are not the same as yours.  I am at a loss as to why you
think they should have written it in such as way as to help you
achieve things they don't want to support.

-- Richard

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