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Re: GNU licenses

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 11:21:40 +0200 (CEST)

   Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
   > Nonsense.  He can be _held_ to the terms of the license if he does
   >    so.  You would not need to sue for compliance if acceptance
   >    happened automatically.
   > Section 5:
   > |      Therefore, by modifying or distributing the Program (or any
   > |      work based on the Program), you indicate your acceptance of
   > |      this License to do so, and all its terms and conditions for
   > |      copying, distributing or modifying the Program or works based
   > |      on it.
   > Acceptance doesn't happen automatically, it happens when you modify or
   > distribute the program.  If he doesn't accept the license, he is
   > breaking the law.  Simple.


Then don't use vauge words, or words that mean completely different

   By "automatic" I mean the license requires it.

It is not automatic if the license requires it.  You are free to not
accept the license, nothing happens automatically.  _You_ must accept
the license by doing something, in the case of the GNU GPL copying or
distributing the program or a derivate work of the program.

   It requires that if, after doing that, you take some code from your
   original portions of that combined work and use them in other
   original works those ALSO have to become GPL as well, essentially
   rendering the original code you put in the combined work worthless
   for non-GPL projects. Am I right on that?

Again, this has been explained to you several times now.  You are
still the copyright holder of the code you wrote; you can license it
in whatever way you please. If you make a deriviate work of a GNU GPL
program by using code form such a program, then you must abide by the

And non-GPL projects can use GPL code, so you are spreading yet more
misconceptions about things.  There are many GPL compatible licenses.

I suggest that you go back and read all the responses again, this has
been answsered, reanswered, and re-reanswered.

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