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Re: GNU License, Again

From: Richard Tobin
Subject: Re: GNU License, Again
Date: 21 May 2007 22:35:55 GMT

In article <85tzu5byy4.fsf@lola.goethe.zz>, David Kastrup  <> wrote:

>Note that this provides a problem for dual-licensed code like that
>from Trolltech: they provide a GPLed version of their code, and they
>sell a version that can be linked into proprietary programs.  Assuming
>that those are the same, you can create and distribute a non-GPLed
>program suppsed to link to the library, and you can, obviously, not be
>sued for contributory infringement/distribution if your customer links
>a copy of the library he obtained under the GPL into it.  As long as
>the customer does not redistribute, he also does not violate the GPL.

Presumably most of Trolltech's commercial licensees are selling
products in an environment where telling the customer to obtain and
use a library is not practical.

-- Richard

"Consideration shall be given to the need for as many as 32 characters
in some alphabets" - X3.4, 1963.

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