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Re: Copyright Misuse Doctrine in Apple v. Psystar

From: Rahul Dhesi
Subject: Re: Copyright Misuse Doctrine in Apple v. Psystar
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:43:58 +0000 (UTC)
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Hyman Rosen <> writes:

>Rjack wrote:
>> If SFLC and GPL supporters want to argue "victory"

>AT the end of the Verizon case, the router manufacturer made
>the GPLed software available, where it had not been available
>before the case.

Actually this by itself is not victory. It means that for some period of
time, typically 2-3 years, the vendor did not comply with the GPL.
Victory would mean that the non-complying vendor paid a price for the
period of non-compliance that exceeded the vendor's own idea of the
benefit of not complying. It's quite possible that the vendors who are
sued are paying such a price, but we don't know.

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