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Re: [News] FSF Celebrates a Win in Cisco Case

From: Hyman Rosen
Subject: Re: [News] FSF Celebrates a Win in Cisco Case
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 14:33:57 -0400
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Hyman Rosen wrote:
dismissal with prejudice is perfectly routine in settlements.

Another example:
    Watchmen Lawsuit Pt. 28: Dismissal With Prejudice
    On January 16, 2009, Fox filed a Stipulation for Dismissal With Prejudice
    in the Watchmen legal case. Once the order is entered by the court, the
    lawsuit will officially come to an end. The text of the filing is as 

        WHEREAS, Plaintiff Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (“Fox”) and
        defendants Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., WB Studios Enterprises, 
        and Warner Bros. Pictures (collectively “Warner Bros”) have entered into
        a confidential settlement agreement to fully settle and resolve the 

        NOW THEREFORE, Fox and Warner Bros., by and through their respective
        undersigned counsel, hereby stipulate and agree and ask the Court to 
        an Order, dismissing the above-captioned action, with prejudice.

And another:
    FIRST PUBLISHED: May 27, 2008 5:54 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
    Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl have dropped their lawsuit against their former
    The Lowe’s filed paperwork last Friday, asking the Superior Court of Santa
    Barbara to dismiss the suit they filed against Peter Clements, according to
    the court filing obtained by Access Hollywood.
    No reason was specified in the court documents for the request, but
    reported Clements gave the couple information they asked for.
    “Once Peter Clements provided Rob and Sheryl Lowe with accurate information,
    the Lowes willingly dismissed their claims against him without cost to 
    side,” additional papers obtained by People read.
    The Lowes requested the dismissal with prejudice, which prohibits them from
    reopening the lawsuit in the future.

And another:
    DirecTV, Cox Settle HDTV Lawsuit
    By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, 12/12/2007 5:08:00 AM MT
    DirecTV and Cox Communications settled the false-advertising lawsuit the
    satellite operator filed over Cox’s assertion that “HD looks better with
    cable,” after the cable company removed the claim from its Web site.
    DirecTV filed suit against Cox in the U.S. District Court for the Central
    District of California in Los Angeles. On Dec. 10, DirecTV filed a notice
    of dismissal with prejudice with court, meaning the company cannot sue
    again on the same claim.

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