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Re: Psystar's legal reply brief in response to Apple

From: ZnU
Subject: Re: Psystar's legal reply brief in response to Apple
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:57:44 -0000
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In article <DUA6o.2760$EF1.2620@newsfe14.iad>,
 Hyman Rosen <> wrote:

> On 8/5/2010 11:18 AM, Alexander Terekhov wrote:
> >
> > (VI.D.3. Section 117 Adaptations)
> Yes. That's not a "fair use" permission as the OP claimed.

I didn't, actually.

> In any case, the GPL says <>
>      You may make, run and propagate covered works that you
>      do not convey, without conditions so long as your license
>      otherwise remains in force.
> so the OP was wrong (except in the most trivial sense) that the
> GPL requires anything for modification without conveyance.

See section 9.

"However, nothing other than this License grants you permission to 
propagate or modify any covered work. These actions infringe copyright 
if you do not accept this License. Therefore, by modifying or 
propagating a covered work, you indicate your acceptance of this License 
to do so."

GPL3 _does_ claim you need to accept the license to modify the work even 
without distribution, or else you're infringing on copyright. This does 
not actually appear to be the case.

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must pay to this propensity the appropriate toll." -- John Maynard Keynes

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