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Re: Web versions

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Web versions
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 13:16:55 -0400

   I have downloaded so much software in last 24 hours as I was
   installing new OS (Parabola), so I have downloaded it from some server
   and I run it.

How is that related the topic of Javascript / Webassembly and porting
the GNU system to it?  How is this similar to how Javascript /
Webassembly works when you access a URL in a web browser where it?

   >    There are now many Javascript application such as notes, where all
   >    users' data remain in the browser, nothing is stored on the remote
   >    server. That is good development.
   > It is not, since such a program could just as well be run locally,
   > without the dependancy on someone else infrastructure.  If that server
   > goes away, you're shit out of luck.

   I am sure you are mistaken there. I said, there are now applications
   (at least I know about them now), that run quite everything on your
   computer, through browser. So there is no server dependency.

But you wrote "remote server", which is it?  The whole disucssion is
about _HOW_ technology is used, not _WHAT_ technology is used.

   That is one good example. You can edit notes and save it, all locally,
   it works offline.

I don't think anyone claimed that one cannot find examples where
something still is ethically sound, running in a web browser, and in
Javascript or some other language.  The issue is that this is not the
intent, or how Javascript / Webassembly is mainly used.  So why bring
up such examples?  It is not the issue here, it is not the issue of
the Javascript trap either.

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