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Re: Bill Gates in the news: Deja vu

From: Ali Reza Hayati
Subject: Re: Bill Gates in the news: Deja vu
Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 20:42:38 +0430
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Intention behind my previous emails was to avoid misunderstanding from Akira's emails. Akira is a good friend and colleague of ours and I don't accuse him of anything, specially in the case of RMS v. Hate Campaign.

I addressed Akira because I didn't want to address anyone directly. If I caused any misunderstanding for any of you, I apologize.

Sadly I became the very thing I intended to avoid, causing misunderstandings.

Let me clear my message.

I said "What was the case was that RMS asked some people out and insisted on that. Now, maybe the insisting part made them uncomfortable..."

I didn't meant to say RMS insisted on anything, what I meant was that even if RMS insisted, he didn't commit any crime and the nature of what RMS did is completely different from the Gates' case.

Maybe some woman accused him that he "insisted", but that is false. He invited someone out, but if she said "no", Richard *did no insist*.

About FSF board investigating the RMS case back in 2019, I didn't mean that FSF assigned a team of HR or anything. What I meant was that FSF board and people, at least some of them, followed the claims and reports and were aware of the situation.

I didn't mean to spread false information. Please understand that I'm not a native English speaker and some words I use may be wrong.

FSF did accept the RMS' resignation because they believed the accusations were true, and that's why I believe they followed the case. Sadly they didn't follow the case very carefully.

I apologize if caused any harm or misled people. And I apologize to Akira if I made people look Akira is doing harm or is spreading false information, as I said, my only intention was to avoid misunderstanding Akira, which I think I failed somehow.


Ali Reza Hayati (
Libre culture activist and privacy advocate
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