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Re: Frustration

From: Jason Cater
Subject: Re: Frustration
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 21:29:37 -0500

My recommendation to you is to either do a real installation, where you
untar each package and run it's, or install a CVS copy.  If this
mutated install you are trying is not working, this would definitely be my
next step!

A few things regarding the dbdrivers.  Personally, I would grab psycopg
from It is better tested. We state this in the mailing
lists whenever we get a chance. I use it in production, as do most of the
other developers. You can certainly use pypgsql, but as you seem
frustrated, why go against the flow? 

Have you installed Egenix's mx-base package.  Most of the dbdrivers
(pypgsql included) need mxdatetime internally. This is available from:

Have you looked through the lists for RedHat support? I know we have at
least one RedHat HOWTO. 

Have you tried to manually import your pypgsql package? 
  # python
  >>> from pyPgSQL import PgSQL

Does that fail? If so, PyPgSQL isn't installed properly. If not, I imagine
it has something to do with mxDateTime. 

Incidentally, if you do ever manage to get us a showing at something like
the e-gov conference, let's get you setup before the demo date!

-- Jason

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:23:39
"Stanley A. Klein" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Right now, I'm finding that getting GNUe to do anything useful is an
> exercise in total frustration.  I have by now installed both pypgsql and
> pygresql.  I set up a database structure using pgaccess, so a database
> would be there to work with.  
> No matter what I do, when I start Designer and try to connect to the
> database, all I get is a message that the database driver isn't there. 
> I have checked every which way I know how and I see the database drivers
> where I think they are supposed to be.  The pypgsql driver has a .pyc
> file with it, so I know something has been happening there.
> I'm glad we didn't get selected to do a demo at the e-government
> conference this week or I would have had to cancel it.
> I'm using the quasi-cvs install I described in a previous email to the
> list.  My system is pretty much a straightforward Red Hat 7.2 with some
> outside rpm packages added and updated (such as wxPython, etc.).  
> Does anyone have any ideas on what to try to get this thing to work?
> Stan Klein
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