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Re: Tools

From: Dragi Raos
Subject: Re: Tools
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 15:05:53 +0200

Ummm, sorry for obvious typos in URLs. Too much coffee, too little

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From: "Dragi Raos" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 2:27 PM
Subject: Tools

> Hi, everybody!
> I was pretty excited when I saw there is open source ERP effort, and
> then a bit disappointed when I discovered that, while tools part of
> effort got under way quite nicely, actuall apps are still far away.
> Perhaps that's in part because of reinventing the wheel on the tools
> side.
> I would like to point app developers' attention to another open source
> app dev tool, POSSL (www:// The tool author, New
> York-based Prolifics (www:// simply opened version
> 4.28 of Linux port of their cross-platform tool, Panther, and left it
> from there on to the community (which has not done much).
> The tool currently works on all Unix-based OSes and Windows (Prolifics
> recently abandoned Mac, VMS and a score of other, more obscure
> platforms) with a variety of database back-ends, with several
> packages (open-source version only with WebSphere or stand-alone,
> propriatery also with BEA products and COM/DCOM/MTS), and in character
> mode, GUI and Web (from the same forms). It has form, report and menu
> designer, client runtime with debugger, server-side components and Web
> app broker. Logic is programmed in any mixture of C, Java and
> propriatery interpreted 4GL, JPL.
> Perhaps this list is not the right place to hawk 'competing' tool, but
> simply thought that some of the people here might want to take a look.
> It is one of the most undeservedly neglected tools I know of (both
> source and propriatery version of it - though the later has some very
> impressive references and is actually doing well, though quietly so).
> Just my 0.15 HRK (that is, two cents).
> Cheers!
> Dragi "Bonzi" Raos
> Zagreb, Croatia
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