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If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.

From: Lawrence
Subject: If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 20:43:45 -0600
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Hi Derek,

Where does gnue need the most help? I am looking for a project to get invovled in. I am in between jobs and am scheduled to close on the sale of my house on Nov 1. I am currently in Colorado Springs and will be moving to British Columbia.
After I move, I will have some free time. I am fully qualified C/C++ 
UNIX/Windows grunt. I do have 9 boxes I can put up on the Internet for 
test/development or whatever -- cable modem bandwidth, so not very high use. 
For OSs I do have Solaris 8, xxBSD, Slackware, W2K Server/Pro, and Oracle, 
PostgeSql, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase for databases.


Derek Neighbors wrote:

Antonio Wiesner said:
I just suscribed to this mailing list. The main reason I'm here is my
interest in ERP -MRP open/free software. As in the page I see that the
project is "not yet started", I will appreciate that somebody tell me
what the plans are, and the time horizon for such system to become

I would hardly call the project not yet started.  We have more code than
most similar projects.  We are building a lot more than an ERP application
we actually built and ERP Application Framework.  A large portion of that
framework is more than usable (and in use production today).

The specific applications like Financials, Human Resources and the likes
are not ready, but all one needs to do is pick up the framework and make
them.  If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.


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