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Re: If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:28:14 -0700 (MST)


I think this is great news.  Louis I loved your original proposal and
writing style.  It will be good to see you hard at work. :)  We are
ramping up some major stuff with regards to 'packages'.  I would like to
coordinate these efforts.  In relation to financials.  We have a based
built from NOLA web accounting called AccLite.  It would be great to have
a business analyst/accountant give it a good testing and evaluate if its a
good base to start from or if we should start from scratch.

At a quick glance it looked like its structures were somewhat decent and
that we could probably build rather quickly forms screens to match them
and have a GNUe Application from that base.  I have oodles of
manufacturing and CRM type stuff Im working on and Jason has several
applications that he is working on.  We would like to get these into the
populous and coordinate efforts on building.

If we can discuss in IRC it would be wonderful.  If not surely we can do
via email.  I will try to structure some outlines of what is tossing in my
head for review if no one shows up in IRC in the next day or two.


James Thompson said:
> Louis,
> It great to hear from you again.  I hope everything is going well for
> you.
> I'd love to see your input into GNUe once again.  We'd need to
> coordinate things better this time around.  Get you a CVS account setup
> where we could keep all the documentation so that you may work on the
> design with others.  I seem to recall last time we had two groups of
> people working in the same areas without any good way to collaborate.
> To toss in my $0.02 I'd presonally like to see something we could
> implement in both a traditional client/server setup (like us old timers
> use :) and something that we could also implement in appserver (the
> replacement for GEAS).
> Look forward to hearing from you,
> James
> On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Louis Charbonneau wrote:
>> Hi Derek
>> A year ago , I made a proposal for the Financial part of GNUE.
>> But I had to quit for personnal reasons. Now , I am back to this
>> project. I could team up with Lawrence, and start working on GL module
>> for example. What do you think ?
>> Louis Charbonneau CA
>> Montreal
>> On 23 October, 2002 10:43 pm, Lawrence wrote:
>> > Hi Derek,
>> >
>> > Where does gnue need the most help?
>> >
>> > I am looking for a project to get invovled in. I am in between jobs
>> and am scheduled to close on the sale of my house on Nov 1. I am
>> currently in Colorado Springs and will be moving to British
>> Columbia.
>> >
>> > After I move, I will have some free time. I am fully qualified C/C++
>> UNIX/Windows grunt. I do have 9 boxes I can put up on the Internet
>> for test/development or whatever -- cable modem bandwidth, so not
>> very high use. For OSs I do have Solaris 8, xxBSD, Slackware, W2K
>> Server/Pro, and Oracle, PostgeSql, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase for
>> databases.
>> >
>> >
>> > Lawrence
>> >
>> > Derek Neighbors wrote:
>> > >Antonio Wiesner said:
>> > >>I just suscribed to this mailing list. The main reason I'm here is
>> my interest in ERP -MRP open/free software. As in the page I see
>> that the project is "not yet started", I will appreciate that
>> somebody tell me what the plans are, and the time horizon for such
>> system to become usable.
>> > >
>> > >I would hardly call the project not yet started.  We have more code
>> than most similar projects.  We are building a lot more than an ERP
>> application we actually built and ERP Application Framework.  A
>> large portion of that framework is more than usable (and in use
>> production today).
>> > >
>> > >The specific applications like Financials, Human Resources and the
>> likes are not ready, but all one needs to do is pick up the
>> framework and make them.  If you are volunteering we can certainly
>> put you to work.
>> > >
>> > >-Derek

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