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Re: If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.

From: Louis Charbonneau
Subject: Re: If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 07:42:08 -0500

Hi Derek

A year ago , I made a proposal for the Financial part of GNUE.
But I had to quit for personnal reasons. Now , I am back to this project.
I could team up with Lawrence, and start working on GL module
for example. What do you think ?

Louis Charbonneau CA

On 23 October, 2002 10:43 pm, Lawrence wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> Where does gnue need the most help?
> I am looking for a project to get invovled in. I am in between jobs and am
> scheduled to close on the sale of my house on Nov 1. I am currently in
> Colorado Springs and will be moving to British Columbia.
> After I move, I will have some free time. I am fully qualified C/C++
> UNIX/Windows grunt. I do have 9 boxes I can put up on the Internet for
> test/development or whatever -- cable modem bandwidth, so not very high
> use. For OSs I do have Solaris 8, xxBSD, Slackware, W2K Server/Pro, and
> Oracle, PostgeSql, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase for databases.
> Lawrence
> Derek Neighbors wrote:
> >Antonio Wiesner said:
> >>I just suscribed to this mailing list. The main reason I'm here is my
> >>interest in ERP -MRP open/free software. As in the page I see that the
> >>project is "not yet started", I will appreciate that somebody tell me
> >>what the plans are, and the time horizon for such system to become
> >>usable.
> >
> >I would hardly call the project not yet started.  We have more code than
> >most similar projects.  We are building a lot more than an ERP application
> >we actually built and ERP Application Framework.  A large portion of that
> >framework is more than usable (and in use production today).
> >
> >The specific applications like Financials, Human Resources and the likes
> >are not ready, but all one needs to do is pick up the framework and make
> >them.  If you are volunteering we can certainly put you to work.
> >
> >-Derek
> >
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