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[GNUe] GNUe Samples/Baseline Target

From: James Thompson
Subject: [GNUe] GNUe Samples/Baseline Target
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 16:47:51 -0600
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Several times in the previous thread people mentioned wanting samples or a 
baseline.  Based on this I'm assuming that the sample reports, forms, etc 
included in tarballs and the samples in the various guides are not enough.  
So where would be a good place to start.  

What exactly would people consider a good baseline or samples?  

Would people like simple gnue-common based scripts showing real world 
applications?  I'm sure we could probably start add trivial applications to 
gnue-contrib that are smaller scale but would show how to use gnue-common for 
day to day tasks.

Or are people talking about full blown packages handling things like 
purchasing, or AR, or mfg control?  

Take Care,

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