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[GNUe] hello... and bug?

From: chafar
Subject: [GNUe] hello... and bug?
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 18:21:33 +0100
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First of all, about what has been said here those days about project,
I'd like resume my opinion in theese points (sorry for my english):

- I strongly agree with the opinion about mail lists are much better
  than IRC for the purpose of support and feedback. May be one very
  happy chatting, but things concerning to an open project should be
  reflected in some way in a mailing-list.

- I slightly disagree about the status of packages. There is an
  important job done in basic data definition, and when you have good
  definition systems for data backend, ui, and reports, as in case,
  including graphic tools for managing them to add to a good basic data
  arquitecture, implementing final management apps is not an herculean

- I, as others, thanks developers for their rather good job in
  developing area, but as true as that is that users and feedback are
  part of de core thing of a free sw project. It's a pain that lack in
  this side make an essentially good job becomes useless.

- I consider appserver core for the project. In management environments,
  2-tier apps are nearly irrelevant. And may be, don't know, plenty of
  bugs, but, again, an important amount of job has already been done. It
  shouldn't be impossible an ultimate effort, made by all of us
  interested in it.

At my own side, I'm absolutely new to python. Thought this will be
solved in a short time, by now, makes me difficult locating bugs,
deployment or code related. I've spent some time putting all up to run
5.2 tools samples, succesfully.

Now, I've installed 5.3, and found a problem I've couldn't solve myself,
in 'sample' appserver form example.

I use python 2.1, with psycopg, postgrespql 7.2.1, wx forms client,
and /var/local/gnue tree on a woody debian box (mid-heavily patched with
sarge stuff).

The problem appears at login attempt, that times out. I suspect some
problem around de new caching system. I'll attach relevant log output
from server and the content of gnue database (just that what sample
installing script puts on it).

Thanks in advance.
Jos? Esteban

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