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Re: [GNUe] packages?

From: James Thompson
Subject: Re: [GNUe] packages?
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 10:54:44 -0600
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> Thanks for the info, unfortunately none of the Postgresql drivers provided
> in SuSE's python-postgresql (installed version: 7.3.4-53) works, I only get
> error messages when trying to connect through my wizard. (Driver not
> found).

More than likely you are missing the mxdatetime module.  Almost all the 
database drivers depend upon this module which isn't a part of python.  Our 
driver loaders currently cannot tell the difference between a driver that 
failed to load because it was missing and a driver that failed to load 
because a dependency of the driver is missing.

> So, I'll just drop GNUe until I have the strength to install another

I'd really like to get this running for you.

> For now, I'll stick with java / JDBC for my Dataentry applications.

Now I desperately want to get this running for you.  I inherited a java/jdbc  
application pushing 15,000 lines of code that took the developer 8 months to 
build.  The application had very limited query capabilities.  Rather than try 
to extend those capabilities I took 1 Saturday afternoon (about 5 hours 
including time spent adding missing features to gnue-forms) to recreate the 
user interface (5 tabbed pages containing various field types) and base 
functionality in gnue forms.

My form:
  shares the same basic layout as the swing based app

  can't print the java based forms (yet,  The app logic and print logic 
                                    were mixed.  I'm almost to the point
                                    of having it separated at which point
                                    i'll add it)

  is missing the input mask support the java app provided in 3 fields.
  I can do this via a trigger but have been holding out for real input
  masks in forms proper.

  has far greater query capabilities than the base app.

  is now partially maintained by their ex shipping manager turn pseudo tech
  guy.  the java app is beyond his capabilities, but designer lets him "paint"

  Is 538 lines long in the new "lengthy" 0.5.x forms format.  Of these lines
  9 lines consist of a single hand written trigger to merge various fields   
  into summaries on various tabs.  The entire rest of the code is XML   
  describing the data structure and UI.  Most of that XML was autogenerated by 
  the gnue-designer mutli-page wizard.

I have been hammering on cleaning up the original application and have gotten 
it down to about 9500 lines of java code.  Even now though the java UI code 
alone is setting at 3915 lines of code.  That line count doesn't include 
*any* of the following:
   jdbc code:  
      2017 lines but to be fair more that one app pulls jdbc from 
      this application.  Don't ask.  I didn't design it :)
   the classes holding the objects in memory:
      840 lines
   the outer frame of the application dealing with the menu and toolbar
      1391 lines
   the rest of misc functions, printing output, etc including a 
   2374 line java common library I created to share more logic
   in various company apps.

In this comparison I'm ignoring things like GNUe's transparent database 
migration, built in debugging, user tweakable settings, built in support for
various things such as netrc.  I'm ignoring the java app's ant based 
installation setup vs editing a text file and restarting the app.  And I'm 
ignoring the stuff I'm sure I've forgotten :)

Take Care,

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