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Re: [GNUe] packages?

From: James Thompson
Subject: Re: [GNUe] packages?
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 07:57:52 -0600
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On Thursday 18 March 2004 05:42 am, Stefan Elwesthal wrote:
> Well, I upgraded through Yast and MySQL version 4.0.15(?) gave me the same
> error. So, time to spend the coffeebreaks on something useful I thought,
> learning is the key. 

IIRC MySQL doesn't support transactions via remote connections.  I'm not a 
mysql user so I'm just repeating what I seem to recall someone reporting when 
this bug first came up.

> Now I finally have PostgreSQL running on my SuSE 
> machine, but I noticed I didn't have psycopg so I better check if I have
> all my Python packages installed.

You don't have to have psycopg.  We support all 4 major postgresql python 
drivers.  Popy, psycopg, pygresql, pypgsql.  However the least troublesome of 
the set at the moment are psycopg and IIRC popy.  It's interesting to note 
that all though all 4 of the database drivers follow the dbsig2 spec they all 
interpret it slightly differently :)

Take Care,

James Thompson    138 Cardwell Hall  Manhattan, Ks   66506    785-532-0561 
Kansas State University                          Department of Mathematics

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