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[GNUe] New GNUe Documetation

From: James Thompson
Subject: [GNUe] New GNUe Documetation
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 00:45:32 -0600
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I've  started expanding the GNUe Common developers guide. It seemed like as 
good a place as any to start as it is at the core of all existing GNUe 
applications.  It is also very handy tool that developers can use today in 
their own applications.  

The following are the areas a touched on.....
  * chapter structure has been reworked a bit
  * added a bit of an overview of what common provides
  * finished out the first example application
    this sample utilizes several features in common that are usefull to 
    lots of different applications.
  * started a chapter on using common's datasources in other applications
     complete with a working sample app
  * explanation of gnue connecion.conf configuration with examples
  * added sample of a gnue-schema file used to generate 
    vendor specific sql.  includes basic usage instructions for gnue-schema
  * All samples and appications are verified as running properly.  Unless
     I got a little crazy with the spellchecker before uploading to the   
     site :)

You can find the updated guide in the gnue common section of our new website 
under it's documentation section.

I am not a writer so i would appreciate any feedback or ideas regarding 
improving the structure.

We have also added links to our automatically generated API documentation.  
Since last October we have been slowly adding python docstrings to our code 
for processing by epydoc ( ). 

These docs can now be accessed from each tool's page

where TOOL is one of the following.
appserver  common  designer  forms  integrator  navigator  reports

Take Care,

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