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[GNUe] curses RAD

From: Luie Matthee
Subject: [GNUe] curses RAD
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 09:24:52 +1100 (EST)

Searching through the internet I found the GNUe project. I'm hoping that the problems the project currently has can be solved in some way by using a toolkit such as the GNUe.
Existing system written in "c" (HP Unix) with curses UI uses:
- ISAM database which leaks
Replace ISAM DB with Oracle9i
There are 90 screens using "curses - Hcurses.h" that have been automatically created which map to the ISAM DB with a propriatery mapping library that we do not have the source code for.
Having to re-create the 90 screens using "curses" would be a very time consuming exercise that I need to eliminate if at all possible.
- Can the GNUe toolkit "Designer" create curses based screens in a RAD style as it does with the other languages?
- If not are there any other toolkits that could be used in a RAD manner to re-create the curses screens? I'm aware of the CDK "Curses Development Kit" which is a set of widgets. This library would still be time consuming in re-creating 90 screens.
- Any other suggestions are welcomed
Have looked at the following options but for various reasons are not acceptable:
- Oracle Forms
- J2EE (JSP Web Enabled UI)
Regards Luie

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