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Re: [GNUe] curses RAD

From: Adrian Maier
Subject: Re: [GNUe] curses RAD
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 15:08:35 +0200
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Luie Matthee wrote:
Searching through the internet I found the GNUe project. I'm hoping that the problems the project currently has can be solved in some way by using a toolkit such as the GNUe. <Problem>
Existing system written in "c" (HP Unix) with curses UI uses:
- ISAM database which leaks
Replace ISAM DB with Oracle9i
There are 90 screens using "curses - Hcurses.h" that have been automatically created which map to the ISAM DB with a propriatery mapping library that we do not have the source code for. Having to re-create the 90 screens using "curses" would be a very time consuming exercise that I need to eliminate if at all possible. <Questions> - Can the GNUe toolkit "Designer" create curses based screens in a RAD style as it does with the other languages?

The "Designer" allows you to create a definition of a screen ( it's a
xml file which describes the fields, the positions, the triggers that will be executed when different events occur etc). This file is
latter used by GNUe-Forms for displaying the form and allowing the user
to manipulate the data.
Depending on how you run the GNUe-Forms, the same form (the same xml file) can be run without modifications in text-mode (curses), or in a
graphical environment (by using wxPython or qt or gtk).

As far as I know, the ncurses mode is currently not usable because it is
being translated from the pdcurses module to the curses module which
comes with python by default. The gnue developers surely know more
on the current status of the ncurses-UI and maybe someone else is able
to give us more details about this.

Adrian Maier

- If not are there any other toolkits that could be used in a RAD manner to re-create the curses screens? I'm aware of the CDK "Curses Development Kit" which is a set of widgets. This library would still be time consuming in re-creating 90 screens.
- Any other suggestions are welcomed
<Misc> Have looked at the following options but for various reasons are not acceptable:
- Oracle Forms
- J2EE (JSP Web Enabled UI)
Regards Luie

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