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Re: [GNUe] curses RAD

From: Luie Matthee
Subject: Re: [GNUe] curses RAD
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 08:49:57 +1100 (EST)

Thanks to Adrian & James for your valuable response.

A better picture has formed in regards to the functions of GNUe designer and forms.

I need to clarify what it is that is needed. The application needs to retain its "curses" based interface (no forms).

Oracle Forms was rejected due to 2 main reasons:

- not part of the large enterprise "standard operating environment"

- an extensive set of code (business logic) would need to be written into the DB.

The application UI relies on getting its presentation data from the extensive business logic code as well as directly from the DB. The problem we are having is how to address the direct DB calls from the "curses" interface in the most economical manner.

It seems that it would be ideal to use designer and then run the XML generated file with the "curses" Python library that is still currently being developed.

Any idea of the "curses" Python library release date?

Thanks Luie

James Thompson <address@hidden> wrote:
Please forgive if this is a tripple post.

> - Can the GNUe toolkit "Designer" create curses based screens in a RAD
> style as it does with the other languages? - If not are there any other

Designer is based upon wxPython and requires it to execute. However form
files it creates are ran by gnue-forms which has support for multiple UI
types such as wxPython and even curses. Our curses support is based on a
almost completely re-written python curses library known as NSTTI. There are
still some features missing from this library that have prevented our curses
driver from being feature complete.

> Have looked at the following options but for various reasons are not
> acceptable: - Oracle Forms

gnue-forms is inspired by Oracle Forms. A few of used the older, text based
version of the product and really liked it. However we felt it had some
flaws so we have attempted to make a better product. In some areas we far
exceed that product, in others we're still behind a bit. If you could
possibly explain your reasons for rejecting Oracle Forms we could then
explain any differences in gnue-forms.

Take Care,

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