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Re: Guile and the Free Software Directory

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: Guile and the Free Software Directory
Date: 03 Mar 2003 19:32:36 +0100
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address@hidden writes:

> > I think it would make sense to move most of the entries there into the
> > Free Software Directory
> > 
> >
> > 
> > What do you all think about this?
> What do you mean by "move"?

We would make sure for each entry in our database, there is a
corresponding entry in the Free Software Directory.  The entry would
be deleted from our database.  Hopefully our databse is empty after
that and can be 'decommissioned'.

> While think it migh be a nice idea for the projects to also show up
> on the FSD site (but the projects maintainer should decide) i think
> there really should be a well- maintained list of Guile-related
> software on the Guile website as well.

I would like to avoid the double maintainance.  We don't need to
duplicate something that is already there and useful.  When the FSD
has shortcomings, we should try to improve the FSD itself instead of
rejecting it.

> This is the place people will look at to see the current state of
> Guile. I'd hate to have to dig through the FSD to find out about
> some Guile bindings to a library

We can link to the FSD in general and to a pre-frabricated query so
that only Guile relevant entries are listed.

> (not only is the UI suboptimal, there's no way to apply a filter to
> only see 'Guile projects').

We might make a new category (with subcategories) and put the Guile
related packages in it.

> What, actually, _is_ the problem with the current setup? From Thi's
> comment i grok it's rather a political than a technical, or did i 
> get something wrong? 

Technically, I think it is wrong to maintain a projects database when
there is already one that can do the job.  There is nothing
politically wrong about our current database, it is only unfortunate
that the person willing to maintain it can not have write access to
the repository (since I decided back then that I didn't trust him
enough and I haven't reconsidered yet).

> > (The task of actually moving the entries can probably not be fully
> > automated, so it would be great if we can find some people to help
> > with it.)
> I'm happy to help keeping the current site up to date ...

Would you also be willing to help find an arrangement where we use the
FSD as our 'backend'?

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