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Re: Fwd: [h-e-w] Unable to use Terminus bdf font under ntemacs 23

From: Yu-ning Feng
Subject: Re: Fwd: [h-e-w] Unable to use Terminus bdf font under ntemacs 23
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 16:41:42 +0800

On 9/19/07, Jason Rumney <address@hidden> wrote:
> No, that is normal. Emacs should use a gb2312 font for gb2312
> characters. Since the font you specified was an iso10686 font, it only
> matches the mule-unicode character sets, and other fonts are
> automatically found - Arial Unicode being the first one encountered for
> gb2312.

I use with 8859-1.txt to convert the font to be a iso8859-1
font. It works now.

> It may be slightly confusing here that Windows has the ability to
> translate between unicode and various other character sets via
> codepages, so although Arial Unicode is a unicode font, it is able to
> provide a gb2312 version. BDF fonts are displayed directly by Emacs,
> with no such translation.

It does confuse me. Since things worked well when I was using Windows
font, I wrongly concluded mismatched encoding font is ok for all

Maybe something could be written to the ntemacs faq? It costs me
several days to reach here.

Thanks very much for your help.
Yu-ning Feng

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