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Re[3]: get stdout/stderr while running a program

From: Nagash
Subject: Re[3]: get stdout/stderr while running a program
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 19:16:27 +0100


> Assuming there is not a probelm with emacs.  presumably
> other programs work fine under the shell.
> [...]
> stdout is buffered, so this is only output when the buffer
> is full.  What happens if you explicity flush the output by
> printf("my output");
> fflush(stdout);
doesn't change anything...

i think our perceptions are drifting away or my describtion
of the problem is badly shown (that's the cause - i think of :-)

what i want from emacs is an instant display (in the shell command
buffer) of all system outputs while running a program (not in special
a c-prog, same problem with running i.e. java-progs). what emacs 
does now for me is the following: run the program over the shell 
access, make some whatever output.... quit the program... now the 
output buffer gets filled. a pitty - to late for me.

using a normal xterm, output is immediatly visible and i don't have to
wait until i finish the program.

some details of used versions/sw (requested in other thread),
but i think it won't help to solve the problem:

GNUemacs ver 21.1.1 (i actually don't use it, but same prob as under Xemacs)
xemacs 21.4(patch4)
gcc 2.95.3

thanks again for your help & interest!

Best regards,


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