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From: Vincent Legoll
Subject: Documentation
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2016 17:45:02 +0200


when & how is the documentation here :
updated ?

I ask, because doing some git grep in a recent git checkout
showed me something in doc/guix.texi that I couldn't find in
that online manual...

Then I searched how to build the doc, and found in README:

See the manual for the installation instructions, either by running

  info -f doc/ "(guix) Installation"


info: doc/ No such file or directory

So how do I make that doc so that I can read the "installation
instructions" which will tell me how to make the doc...

Looks adequately recursive to me... ;-)

Maybe a very simple INSTALL file with the basic explained
would help newbies...

Or did I miss something ?

Vincent Legoll

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