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nix shellHook equivalent for guix environment?

From: Pierre-Antoine Bouttier
Subject: nix shellHook equivalent for guix environment?
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021 17:23:41 +0100

Dear all,

Do you know if there is any equivalent to shellHook, available for the 
nix-shell command, for setting up a guix environment through a manifest.scm 

Or maybe another methodology with guix to have approximatively the same 
behavior? (i.e. in a file that can be put under version control, defining 
dependancies and also init commands to set up a guix environment)

Best regards
Pierre-Antoine Bouttier
GriCAD Research Engineer

GriCAD -
Batiment IMAG
CS 40700
38058 Grenoble CEDEX 9

+33 4 57 42 18  66

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