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Re: Guix supported-systems option

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Guix supported-systems option
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2023 00:48:06 +0100
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That's how it's done with some packages that need arch-specific things (inputs, 
build phases, …) so yes :)

Le 14 janvier 2023 23:01:49 GMT+01:00, phodina <> a écrit 
>Hi Julien,
>> I think you have multiple packages with the same name and version, but 
>> different supported systems. Am I right?
>you are correct. I have multiple package definitions as shown in the attached 
>scheme file.
>The names and versions are exactly the same, just the origin differs and Guix 
>picks "randomly" one of them.
>I did as you suggested to rename the packages - append the arch. This works in 
>short term but I'd like to have one profile and just apply it on my laptop 
>(x86_64) as well as on Raspberry Pi (aarch64, recently added to Guix by 
>Having different names will then not work or results in even bigger mess with 
>if statements.
>> Now, supported-systems does not mean "remove this package on other 
>> architectures", but rather "can't build this on other architectures". So 
>> it's perfectly possible that guix will arbitrarily select a package for a 
>> different architecture.
>Well this is the reason I ask. I though this has deeper meaning as to tell 
>Guix, okay you found a package with that name, but it's not for current 
>architecture. So keep looking and if you don't find any other return this one 
>with a warning that it's not supported.
>So the "right" way would be conditionally select the right origin for the 
>package and use just one package definition with list of supported systems, 

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