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Hurd Logo

From: Glenn Alexander
Subject: Hurd Logo
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:04:31 +0800

WARNING: This document contains a rediculous amount of bracketing (thinks 
it's a C source or someting)!

Hi, I was thinking about a more colourful logo for the HURD.

Although the current boxes linked with arrows is very representative of what 
the HURD is and does, I was thinking something a little flashier might be 
Since I am not a (very skilled) programmer, I thought this might be an 
initial way to contribute to the project. Tell me what you think.

I asked the question, 'What does a HURD look like?' A HURD is, by the 
GNU/HURD definition, a Hird of Unix-Replacing Daemons. So let us assume we 
can use Hurd (as in a Hurd of Gnus, of course) as a suitable equivalent for 
HIRD in that statement, meaning a group of associated individual creatures 
(non predatory) of the same genus.

So we have a group of Unix-Replacing Daemons, and this is the tricky bit - 
drawing even one Unix-Replacing Daemon, let alone a HURD of them!

Since these alleged Unix-Replacing Daemons are objects of a type, with 
different functions, we can assume they are different shapes and colours, but 
- like any self-respecting hurd of creatures - stick together.

I have two ideas for what these Unix-Replacing Daemons could look like (I 
have discounted using actual Deamons as BSD already has one and that would be 
confusing to end users)...

1) The first, and my less preferred is some creatures made out of ones and 
zeroes for legs and head/body respectively. This works well in B&W but is a 
little drab still.

2) My preference is for a group of colourful 3d shapes with legs ( grazing 
and frolicing in the virtual grassland of ones and zeroes). At the smallest 
scale, these are an icon of about half a dozen shapes just standing about 
chewing the bits, If you wanted cuteness (well it worked for Linux), rather 
than have it in the actual look of the URDs (lets, face it - geometric shapes 
are not cute: They have sharp edges!), use animation and the behaviour of the 
URDs as they graze and frollic around.

I have some (not very good) sample images at

Possibilities are endless: HURD 3-D screensavers featuring the lovable 
geometric shapes as they frollic and get into trouble and out again; Silly 
computer games (my department) where the player must hurd the shapes about 
and protect them from the closed-source predators; Plastic Hurd shapes 
avaliable for a limited time only with every family sized pizza (ONLY $1.95 - 
collect the whole set - a valuable collecters item in the future like all the 
other cruft fast food joints churn out). A different friendly geome featured 
on each official Hurd install disk. Blah blah blah (I thnk I'll stop now 
before I puke).

We probably need to name them. Maybe we could go for descriptive names like 
"Redmond, Bluey, Block, Conehead and Priscilla" or more teletubbyesque names 
like "Pokey, Lippy, Zoppy, Gruppy and Sid". Or even use obscurely named 
applications: "Sed, Tar, Grep, Bzip the Second, etc". "Sneazy, Grumpy,..." 
whoops, the open software movement is already in enough trouble with 
Hollywood &C.

Well, There you go. Let me know what you think?

Glenn Alexander - The man with no surname and a silly hat.
(Now avaliable in China!)

I use LINUX:
and   KDE  :

If you gave an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewr...
Hey! that's the internet!

Version: 3.1
GED$/(O$) d- s:+>: a>a? C(+) L++>+++ E- W++ N K? w-- M+(++) PS+ PE--
Y+ PGP R(+) tv->!tv b+++ DI(+) D G e++ e++ e+ h--->---- r+++ y+++

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