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Re: Design Decisions and Hurd/L4 work (was: Re: Improving Hurd)

From: Ryan M. Golbeck
Subject: Re: Design Decisions and Hurd/L4 work (was: Re: Improving Hurd)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 10:43:07 -0400
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Jan Atle Ramsli <> writes:

> The problem is that someone just popped out and said "The ADT is not
> longer relevant, it died 10 years ago".  To me that is as if someone
> said "Hey, do you know that they moved Oslo to Sweden?"  I can not
> just take someone's word for it, no matter who that someone is.

Thomas did not say that the ADT is no longer relevant, he just said
that the big buzz about their use has died back a bit as people
realised that it doesn't solve all of their problems.  As is normal
there is no one general solution to every problem.

> How can I get myself into a position where I will be able to contribute?
> That is: I have been told that some problems can not be solved with the
> concept of an ADT.
> I need to know: What are they. It takes only one example to convince me.
> Also, I need to: When it died, what took its place?

Nothing.  The concept is still there and useful (and before you claim
that I said it was a buzz word, I said that because it seemed you were
using it like one.  That is I agree with Thomas, ADTs are not
something to organize all our thoughts around.).

> All the other anwers I got confirmed my belief that in fact, "my"
>principles of SE were sort of "taking over" - now, with one blow, I
>have been told that in fact, the were valid at the time of the Hurd's
>inception, but have now been abandoned.

As I said above, you misinterpreted his words (afiak) by taking them
too far.


Ryan Golbeck <>
Computer Science, University Of Waterloo
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