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Re: Help with CVSWeb

From: Alexander Kamilewicz
Subject: Re: Help with CVSWeb
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 09:14:57 -0500

Hi Karl,

Karl-Heinz Marbaise wrote:
> Hi there,
>  The problem:  I'm trying to install cvsweb
> > (, and it won't show
> > anything below the initial cvs directory (see below for specifics).
> Have you checked the permissions of the directories if they are world
> readable?

You betcha!

> > 3.  Chucked cvsweb.cgi in cgi-bin, and cvsweb.conf into conf, and
> > "icons" into cgi-bin (more on this later, a small problem)
> Why not like the default as a point of start...

I don't think I understand your question here.  Sorry.  

> > 5.  Modified cvsweb.cgi like so:
> > $config = $ENV{'CVSWEB_CONFIG'} || '../conf/cvsweb.conf';
> Why do you modify... The first step should to try as it was and get
> it running...

Well, we're running Netscape server, not Apache, and the default that
comes with the distribution assumes Apache, so for that alone I had to
change it.  The tree is kind of weird.  Unfortunately, it isn't my
webserver, so I don't have control over it.  Here's the tree:

  |        |        |
htdocs    conf     cgi-bin

cvsweb.cgi is in cgi-bin and cvsweb.conf is in conf.

> > i.e. the conf file is up out of cgi-bin, and down into conf.
> If you use ".." then the cvsweb.conf have to be in ../conf directory
> (one
> level above cgi-bin. BTW have you set the permissions correct?

Yep.  At this point they're all basically 777, because I'm getting
desperate.  :)

> > At this point I then tried to run the script.  It failed due to
> > "unspecified variables".
> I think the message have to be "uninitialized value..." within the
> Apache error log file. If you have something different you should try
> to install it in the default way and then change this defaults to your
> needs.

Well, this web server is Netscape, so I assume the errors are similar.

As I said before, though, I got through all of this and got it to work,
somewhat.  When I load up I see my
repository & all of its modules.  However, when I click on a module I
get a 404.

I noticed in other cvsweb installations that when you click on a module
your URL looks like this: 
Mine (on the 404 page) looks like this:  I.e. the "cvsweb.cgi" part of the URL
has disappeared.

This leads me to believe that there's some sort of config issue that is
keeping the server from using cvsweb.cgi to "work" on the directories &
create html pages for them.

Do you think I'm on the right track here, or hopelessly lost?


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