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RE: cvs and gnats link?

From: Ellison, Martin [IT]
Subject: RE: cvs and gnats link?
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:25:46 +1000

Look at Bugzilla,
.webtools (and cvszilla
> We had a bug that toasted some product (see many $$ here).  
> Now management
> wants a "formal" system of notification, complete with reports and and
> appropriate sign off when changes take place.  With 
> absolutely nothing for a
> budget of course.  This sweeping bureacracy change is to include a bug
> tracking system.   I've been looking at GNATS and would like 
> to know if CVS
> and GNATS can be linked.  From a developer standpoint, it 
> would be most
> convenient and less error prone to type the same information 
> once rather
> than twice.  I ran across a statement that ClearCase and 
> GNATS could be
> linked but didn't find any evidence to support it.   I'm also 
> looking at
> Bugzilla and Jitterbug.  What do you use?  Any recommendations?

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