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From: Matthew Bradford
Subject: RE: CVS on IIS?
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 20:51:59 -0500
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Thank you very much for your insight... to clear things up though...

There is a shared development environment which everyone currently works in
which then gets tested with production-like data in a stage environment which
then gets moved up to production once it is tested.

No worries... we all know the dangers of posting directly to production. :-)

Anyway, I will present that to the rest of the developers as well.

Thanks again!
Matt Bradford

Quoting jsWalter :

Matthew, if I may...

I have worked in many different, multi-developer environments, PC,
and mixed.

What I've found works best (for me) is...

 - each developer has his/her own tree under IIS (I use Apache,
 - each developer has their own "sandbox" there
 - they checkin-out code to this sandbox and test it via IIS and
   personal path:
 - each morning each developer does an UPDATE to their sandbox to
   get yesterdays work from others
 - this gives each developer their own space to work in without
    on any one else and without effecting production
 - at some point in development cycle, after things have been unit
   tested in their sandbox and checked back in, the admin/grand
   does a UPDATE within:
 - now regressive testing is done to make sure what Walter did
   does not break what Carol did.
 - once approved, then admin UPDATES to production.

This gives you 3 separate spaces:
  - testing (by developer)
  - staging (common - only admin UPDATE)
  - production (only admin UPDATE)

The idea of a developer checking new code into production to "see
how it
goes" scares me! Especially if you have multiple developers all
their own thing and checking things into production.

Or did I completely miss read this?

With this scenario, CVS can be used as it stands. Cross platform,

Hope this helped.


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