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Re: CVS Checkout Fails But Module Exists

From: Bryan Batten
Subject: Re: CVS Checkout Fails But Module Exists
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 14:11:02 -0700
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It worked!(?)

Script started on Fri Aug 30 14:00:43 2013
address@hidden - /home/bryan[1] bryan: blah=`cat CVS/Root`
address@hidden - /home/bryan[2] bryan: blot=`cat CVS/Repository`
address@hidden - /home/bryan[3] bryan: echo $blah
address@hidden - /home/bryan[4] bryan: echo $blot
address@hidden - /home/bryan[5] bryan: cd /tmp
address@hidden - /tmp[6] bryan: cvs -d $blah co ${blot}/FTPsites
U bryan/FTPsites
address@hidden - /tmp[7] bryan: exit

Script done on Fri Aug 30 14:02:12 2013

The only confusing part is that the checked out FTPsites is not in /tmp. Instead it is in ~bryan/tmp, which is a symlink to /tmp/bryan.

But, hopefully, this tells us (and by "us", I mean "you") something.


On 08/29/13 19:22, Arthur Barrett wrote:

So let's try this.

1. Go to the directory where 'cvs update' works OK.

2. look at the three 'hidden' files in the CVS directory:
      blah=`cat CVS/Root`
      bling=`cat CVS/Tag`
      blot=`cat CVS/Repository`

3. go to /tmp and use these pieces of information to test that 'checkout
works ok':

If all three files exist:

     cd /tmp
     cvs -d $blah co -r ${bling:1} ${blot}/FTPsites

If only CVS/Root and CVS/Repository exist:

     cd /tmp
     cvs -d $blah co ${blot}/FTPsites

Does that work?

Either way - send the info ($blah $bling and $blot) and we'll see if
that explains things some more...


-----Original Message-----
From: Bryan Batten [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 30 August 2013 02:09
To: Arthur Barrett
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: CVS Checkout Fails But Module Exists

Hey Arthur,

Thanks for the reply and interest in my problem. Here is the script
output of the three commands you requested:

Script started on Thu Aug 29 08:35:08 2013
]2;address@hidden - /home/bryan[1] bryan: !503
bash: !503: event not found
[1] bryan: cvs -ttt co -p FTPsites
    -> main: Session ID is 100521F6A4342F8EA9D
    -> Name_Root ((null), (null))
    -> parse_cvsroot (/usr/src/cvsroot)
    -> walklist ( list=0x7fa6310c4c60, proc=0x7fa630e36d10,
closure=(nil) )
    -> main loop with CVSROOT=/usr/src/cvsroot
    -> parse_config (/usr/src/cvsroot)
    -> new_config ()
    -> parse_info() examining line: `UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes'
    -> readBool (/usr/src/cvsroot/CVSROOT/config,
UseNewInfoFmtStrings, yes)
    -> Read 0 for UseNewInfoFmtStrings
    -> my_module (FTPsites, Updating, NULL, NULL)
cvs checkout: cannot find module `FTPsites' - ignored
    -> walklist ( list=0x7fa6310c4c60, proc=0x7fa630e36d10,
closure=(nil) )
    -> Lock_Cleanup()
    -> remove_locks()
    -> Simple_Lock_Cleanup()
[2] bryan: cvs rls
[3] bryan: cvs rls FTPsites
cvs rls: cannot find module `FTPsites' - ignored
]2;address@hidden - /home/bryan[4] bryan: exit

Script done on Thu Aug 29 08:35:50 2013

To answer your other questions:

The file /usr/src/cvsroot/CVSROOT/modules consists entirely
of comments.

The file 'FTPsites' is a plain ASCII text file. I chose it purely to
serve as an example. So far, the problem has occurred with
*every* file
I've attempted to check out.

I looked at the thread in Google Groups about file
corruption while tagging. Let me save what seems liable to exposure,
then try it. I'll follow through with an email on results.

I actually have switched CVS back to the 64 bit version, after having
tried squeeze:i386, squeeze:amd64, wheezy:i386:, and back to
wheezy:amd64. I've also tried the standard (wheezy:amd64)
version using
a backup of /usr/src/cvsroot made prior to upgrading to wheezy and
converting to amd64.

Full disclosure: I ran into a *lot* of problems converting
from i386 to
amd64. The system is basically functional (I'm using it to write this
email), but I think the cause of this problem is rooted in
some subtle
environmental inconsistency more than CVS itself.

Again, thanks a lot.

On 08/28/13 16:52, Arthur Barrett wrote:

Trace?  "cvs -ttt co -p FTPsites"

What's in your CVSROOT/modules file?

What is 'FTPsites' - a file/directory/link/module?

What result does 'cvs rls' give? And 'cvs rls FTPsites' ?

Also see the recent thread 'Re: cvs corrupts file while tagging' (a
bug report about cvs 1.12 x32 builds on x64 linux servers0.  The bug
has not been confirmed but maybe you should either test it or switch
back to the x64 build.


Basically, if I've stopped walking, you can pretty much tell I'm
chewing gum.

Basically, if I've stopped walking, you can pretty much tell I'm chewing gum.

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