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Re: impgen.c again / Re: Linux/Win32 cross and DLLs

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: impgen.c again / Re: Linux/Win32 cross and DLLs
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 15:28:00 +0200
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Earnie Boyd wrote:
Guido Draheim wrote:

(btw, where's the crossgcc faq gone? I crafted it, it was planned to
show up on and I posted it to the sdl-mailinglist a number
of the times.. hmm... may be these thing get forgotten too quickly...)

Guido, please forward your FAQ to me, one more time.

google for "sdl dll faq guidod" - it's a bit outdated,
e.g. we have the dunno-yo-lib patch in libtool already.

as for the underlying problem:

the last expert-talk was with Robert Collins was on the
same mail-thread - a description is in
some answer is given in
and perhaps someone with DLL-mana can have a clue out
of these hints.

Personally, I have a patch on my disk which just moves the impgen.c
code into binutils/dlltool.c, and lets it be triggered by another
commandline option. It will hardly be ever accepted since the
impgen.c code does not make use of libbfd, but instead it scans
the file-format of a dll with his own set of routines. Either way,
it needs someone with considerable knowledge about the different
steps of makeing a DLL _and_ a piece of time, to have things be
fixed finally.

Please forward, to as many places you can think of,
thanks in advance, and good luck, -- guido

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