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Re: libtool/ltmain linking wrong (/usr/lib) libstdc++

From: Liviu Nicoara
Subject: Re: libtool/ltmain linking wrong (/usr/lib) libstdc++
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 19:46:10 -0400
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Liviu Nicoara wrote:
Hi all,

I am trying to link a library and test program in an autotools-based
project using Intel C++ 9.1.042 and GCC 4.1.2.

One of my machines has a default installation of GCC (3.3.6). I built and installed gcc-4.1.2 and icc-9.1.042 in /opt/compilers. My goal is to
link the project's library and test program with the GCC libstdc++
in /opt/compilers/gcc-4.1.2, not the one in /usr/lib.
> [...]

FWIW, I have found the answer in an old post which initially escaped my attention -- it was from before I subscribed to this list:


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