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Some entries in

From: PSPP Vertaler
Subject: Some entries in
Date: Sat, 13 May 2023 08:44:33 +0200

Dear reader,

while translating new entries in to Dutch, I came across a couple of entries of which I wonder whether they're correct. They're included below.
Can I have a CC of the answer, please? Then I can correct the translations, if necessary.

Regards, Jaap Verhage.


ID 527: The PRESORTED subcommand state that the input data is presorted.
- "state" is plural while "subcommand" is single;
- "state" should be "supposes"?

ID 1438: This recoding output value has width %d.
- "recoding" should be "recoded"?

ID 135: Identifier `%s' is not valid in encoding `%s'.used for this dictionary.
- "." following "`%s'" should not be there?

ID 441: Syntax error expecting number in (%g,%g) for %s.
- shouldn't the "(" (left parenthesis) be a "[" (left square bracket)?


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