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Re: [RP] Well Done

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: [RP] Well Done
Date: Wed Nov 28 10:07:01 2001
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apeiron <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi All!
> Just to keep your morale up, I have to compliment you for the good job
> you have done.
> One note maybe is:
> when I press (C-t w) the list of windows appears at the top right
> corner, but if the titles are very long (as it is unfortunately the
> case with mozilla), the window list does not fit on the screen, and
> becomes unusable.

Your best bet is to mess with the defwinfmt settings.  For instance, I
used the command `defwinfmt %n%s%a' to have ratpoison used the
application name instead of the window name.

> If you can point me to the right bit of code to modify I would be
> happy to do it. I had a look at the source and it looks pretty clean
> overall, I should have no trouble.
> I could be working on it this weekend.
> Let me know.

How exactly would you like to solve the problem you describe?


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