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Re: [RP] Well Done

From: Mike Meyer
Subject: Re: [RP] Well Done
Date: Wed Nov 28 10:42:04 2001

apeiron <address@hidden> types:
> Ryan Yeske wrote:
> > How exactly would you like to solve the problem you describe?
> I would prefer to limit the length of the "window titles" line by 
> truncating the titles displayed in order to make the line fit the screen.
> If necessary (after truncating names to few characters, maybe 10?), then 

And what do you do when the line is *still* to long?

Actually, my suggestion would be to tweak the format_window_name
function in the file list.c to understand "%<digits>X" as a format
specifier. That way you can use the defwinfmt function to truncate it
to whatever you want it to be, and do it on the fly.

If it's just one or two long window names that are giving you
problems, you might consider using "title" to set their name to
something shorter.

Mike Meyer <address@hidden>                     http://www.mired.org/home/mwm/
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